Disclosure of payments made to HCPs

By January 2016, we have committed to end the practice of making payments to healthcare professionals (HCPs) to speak about our prescription medicines and vaccines to audiences who can prescribe or who can influence prescribing. We will also end the practice of providing direct financial support for individual HCPs to attend medical conferences.

We acknowledge the importance of increased transparency and of putting the patient at the centre of every decision we take.

In many countries, we already publish payments made to HCPs. For example, in Australia, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Japan, the UK and the USA, we publish payments in line with local government regulation or industry association Codes.

We will continue to support and work towards increased transparency in other countries as industry associations or governments establish specific guidelines for disclosure - for example, through the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Association (EFPIA) Disclosure Code.

We also continue to work towards publishing global figures at an aggregate level for payments to HCPs, for activities such as advisory services and clinical research.

Find out more about our payments to HCPs in the USA, Europe  and the rest of the world via the pages in our global website.