Our clinical trials

We have over 400 clinical studies underway involving more than 340,000 patients across 75 countries, helping us to develop medicines and vaccines for the future.

Patient safety is always our priority. We evaluate the benefits and risks of potential new medicines throughout the research and development process, and continue to monitor medicines long after they are approved for use.

We recognise that biomedical research can raise ethical concerns. We aim to address these by:

  • being open about our approach participating in discussions on research practices
  • regularly engaging with academic scientists, regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders

Clinical trials are governed by strict regulation. Throughout each trial the proceedings are monitored by government authorities as well as GSK’s own Global Safety Board (GSB). There are always at least three phases to clinical trials. Occasionally a fourth phase might be necessary if:

  • we think the medicine can be improved
  • we need to provide answers to questions from the regulatory authorities

In Hong Kong, we have a team of professionals working with local researchers on clinical trials. This work with local doctors, scientists and hospitals is intended to provide important data on new treatments and their efficacy in ethnicities within the region.

Find out more about our trials in people in our global website.