Innovating through collaboration and transparency

We know we won’t discover everything inside our own labs. Therefore we have strategic partnerships with thousands of external organisations and adopt an open approach to ways of working, which help us achieve more.

Research partnerships

We know we need to partner with other companies, academic institutions and research charities to drive innovation. This is especially true in areas where research is particularly difficult, for example in the science around antibiotics, and where illnesses are proving particularly hard to understand, like Alzheimer’s disease.

We’re also partnering with governments, charities and other organisations on innovative funding mechanisms, enabling us to share the costs of research into diseases and illnesses that are proving particularly difficult to solve. 

Our commitment to data transparency

We are committed to reporting the results of clinical research that evaluates our medicines and vaccines, irrespective of whether the outcomes are perceived to be positive or negative. We believe this is fundamental to the advancement of medical science. It is also the best way to tell prescribers and patients about scientific findings relating to our medicines.

Back in 2004 we introduced our publicly accessible Clinical Study Register online, where researchers, medical professionals and the public can access data from GSK-sponsored clinical studies.

We are also the first pharmaceutical company to join the AllTrials campaign in 2013, committed to making the results of our clinical studies, whether positive or negative, available to all.