Polident® denture care series includes Polident® Denture Adhesive Cream and Polident® Denture Cleanser.

Polident® Denture Adhesive Cream helps hold dentures tight and enhance the bite force of the denture wearers. It also helps seal out food particles to improve denture fit and comfort. It gives you the confidence to eat and enjoy your life.

Polident® Denture Cleanser contains a special micro-clean formula which can effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria1 in the surface pores of dentures. In just 5 minutes, it can thoroughly clean the dentures and help maintain its original whiteness. Besides, its mint flavor also helps freshen the breath of the denture wearers, giving them a fresh feeling.

Polident® Denture Adhesive Cream 60g

  • Hold dentures tight up to 12 hours
  • Enhance bite force
  • Seal out food particles, improve denture fit and comfort

Polident® Denture Cleanser 36’s

  • Kills 99.9% bacteria1 in just 5 minutes
  • Thoroughly clean the surface pores of dentures
  • Helps remove stains and plaque2

Helps maintain fresh breath

1. Odor causing bacteria, GSK Micro Memo MD#012-12
2. Follow the usage direction on the packaging

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