Our patient support programmes

A patient can use more help to better manage their disease. Therefore, we aim to back the patients in need with more support in terms of disease management, financial assistance and professional aid through various patient support programmes either implemented by or on behalf of GSK.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Campaign for Female Adolescents

Supported by GSK and established by the Hong Kong Primary Care Foundation (HKPCF), Cervical Cancer Prevention Alliance (CCPA) is the first association in Hong Kong dedicated for cervical cancer. GSK partnered with CCPA to organise the Cervical Cancer Prevention Campaign for Female Adolescents, through which female adolescents aged 9 to 23 years old can enjoy one free doctor consultation on cervical cancer prevention. The programme aims to help women learn more about cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV), arousing community awareness on the need of cervical cancer prevention.

For more information about CCPA and the campaign, please visit their website.