Our behaviour

We are changing the way we work to further embed our values in everything we do.

We expect our employees and the third parties we work with to act according to our values – patient focus, integrity, respect for people and transparency. We want to understand and, where possible, exceed society’s expectations of us. We have changed the way we do business, often going beyond industry norms, to further embed our values.

Sales and marketing practices

We are modernising the way we sell and market our medicines transforming the business model the industry has had for many years.

Research practices

We make sure we carry out our research to high ethical and quality standards in all the countries in which we operate. We aim to address any concerns by being open about our research and regularly engaging with academic scientists, regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders.

Ethical conduct and supply chain

We ensure we act ethically and with integrity throughout our businesses.

Public policy and patient advocacy

We aim to demonstrate that all our interactions with political stakeholders and patient advocacy groups are conducted appropriately, ethically and transparently.