If you experience any of these foot conditions, you may have a fungal infection:

  • Itchiness
  • Flaky skin
  • Odour
  • Blisters

All Lamisil® topical treatments contain terbinafine, an effective antifungal ingredient that penetrates into the outer layer of the skin and quickly relieves itching.

Lamisil® 7-day treatment

Apply once a day for 7 consecutive days, works to kill the fungi1. 90% of users have no relapse within 3 months2.

Lamisil® Cream

  • Lasting moisturising effect, relieves dry, cracking and scaling skin
  • Contains no alcohol or irritants, does not irritate affected skin
  • Manufactured in Switzerland

Lamisil® Spray

  • No-touch application
  • Easy for large, infected areas
  • Can be applied directly in the shoe and sock for additional antifungal action
  • Manufactured in France

Lamisil® ONCE

Lamisil® ONCE completes the Athlete's Foot treatment in a single application, with a patented formula that relieves itching quickly and effectively. The effective ingredients remain in the dermis for 13 days4 and continue to kill fungi causing Athlete's Foot.

  • Relieves itching quickly
  • Single application for the whole treatment
  • No relapse within 3 months*3
  • Manufactured in Switzerland

Only available in registered pharmacies

* 87.5% of patients have no relapse within 3 months

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