Horlicks® was invented by two Englishmen, James Horlick and his brother William Horlick. Horlicks® formulation combines the natural goodness of milk, malted barley and wheat. It also provides a unique combination of key nutrients which work together in the body to keep you in good health.

Horlicks® offers different product ranges for choice:

Nutritious Malted Drink

Tasty nourishment suitable for whole family consumption. Available in 440g bottle, 800g bottle & 750g refill pack.

3 in 1 Instant Nutritious Malted Drink (Original/ Fibre Up/ Instant Cereal Drink)

Convenient nutritious drink especially for office consumption, it’s easy to prepare by just adding water. 

Original Malties


Horlicks®  is a trade mark owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.
Horlicks: CHHK/CHHORK/0008/16 (05/2018) 

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